Dating Stories

“I was intimate with a guy I had been dating.  We were together in bed until the wee hours in the morning.  I was ready to roll over to go to sleep, but he said to me, “You’re going to have to go home.  I can’t sleep with anyone in my bed.”  So I took the long walk of shame home all by myself.”

“I ended up in the ER on the first date.  We went hiking and, foolishly, trying to keep up and “impress”, I jumped from a rock.  It hurt.  I walked on it in pain for quite a while even thought my ankle tripled in size!  Good thing I held my tongue because he is now my husband!”

“Was meeting my future husband on our very first date.  I went to a dive bar with my friends beforehand.  When I came outside to leave, a cop pulled up behind me as I was pulling my car out and pulled me over.  I had expired tags.  They towed my car!  I told the cop that I needed a ride to Eat-N-Park to meet my date.  My future husband was waiting in front of Eat-N-Park as he saw me hopping of the back of a cop car!  (He’s now my Ex-husband!)”

“I reconnected with an old boyfriend from High School after 35 years . He picked me up in a clunker, and while driving, a loud beeping noise started.  He didn’t explain what it was, but he pulled over immediately.  It was all to take a breathalyzer test in the car!”

“I was taking a shower with my boyfriend, who lived with his parents.  We heard his father come home, and I had to crawl out the window after grabbing my clothes.  There’s me.  Partly naked on the front lawn.”

“After the 9th year of dating the same man, people who knew both of us came to me with “wedding congrats”.  But “Mr. Gentleman” never proposed to me!  I didn’t know what they were talking about.  Finally realized, after doing some investigating, he had proposed to someone else!”


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Dating Story


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